CBS is okay with the illegal sharing of its content on YouTube

Posted Nov 21, 2006

David Poltrack, CBSâ??s chief research officer, said that he does not want CBS content off YouTube at the Future of Television Forum which was held at NYUâ??s Stern School of Business. According to Poltrack, YouTubee has not affected CBSs programming.

“When you have something the public really wants, the economic value in that is to come up with a way to satisfy the rights holders and serve the consumers,” he said.

He also said “If they’re going to steal it, give it to them anyway.â?

This comes at a time most content producers and rights owners are trying to fight illegal video sharing. Its actually quite refreshing to see Poltrackâ??s view on YouTube and video sharing. Hopefully other networks will embrace CBSâ??s stance on video sharing.

I guess this means we can enjoy more of David Carusoâ??s famous one-liners from CSI-Miami on YouTube:
[Post Source – Advertising Age]