Champion Sound Opens In Limited Beta

Posted Oct 30, 2007

“Amplify your world. For Free.”
-Champion Sound motto

I just got an email saying that Champion Sound is launching in Limited Beta Launch and that the Public Launch is coming soon.  Champion Sound is a tool for music artists to keep manage their gigs easier.  For example, one feature is called Activity Overview: this is where artists can monitor their gigs and the documentation involved around them.  Below is a screen shot:

Another feature of Champion Sound is to maintain e-mail subscribers more seamlessly.  E-mail addresses can be either manually added or imported from a .CSV file:

And one of the last features of Champion Sound is the ability to generate a new campaign.  This can be done so by creating a Flyer, Announcement, or Newsletter.  Then the template can be added into e-mails:

Champion Sound was created by Digital Telepathy, a San Diego, Calif.-based Web 2.0 consulting company that created works on Hard Rock Hotel, MojoPages, Tierra Natal, and Razoo.  Digital Telepathy also built a Facebook sponsored page to promote Mozilla Firefox 2.0. 

The San Diego fires was a minor bottleneck for Digital Telepathy.  The company had to evacuate their office for a ocuple days.  Digital Telepathy’s blog is available at: