Blogging From A Glacier Makes A Statement

Posted Sep 9, 2007

Last month, my parents climbed Mount Kailash in Tibet with about 120 others for a spiritual journey.  Earlier today when I was watching CNN Headline News, there was a featured story about two women and two men that climbed glaciers around the Karakoram Mountain region in Pakistan.  This mountain borders the state of Kashmir.  The project is called Chasing Glaciers.

During their trip, two of the climbers, Zoe Hart and Alison Gannett make daily Vlogs (blog posts with videos) from the glacier and they add photos in the Gallery section as well.  The four travellers are climbing the glacier to make a statement: raise global warming awareness. 

How can 4 travellers afford to travel to a mountain and be able to vlog, blog, and produce a photo gallery live from the top of a glacier?  Sponsors of course.  Many companies are going green including Yahoo! 

The way that services and concepts produced by the ideas of a Web 2.0 are being used is continuously becoming impressive.  Godspeed Chasing Glacier project.