Chinese Video Site, Serves 360 Million Videos Per Week

Posted Sep 9, 2007
, a Chinese video portal was recently discovered by Nielsen//NetRatings that their user base has grown three times as much in the last three months and that 360 million videos are being served per week, up from 131 million. Tudou now receives 28.8 million unique visitors per week, up from 11.5 million three months ago. The number of weekly page views also grew and is now at roughly 493 million.

Tudou is now officially the third biggest search websites after Baidu and Sina according to the Chinese Web 2.0 Review blog. General Catalyst Partners are some of the investors in Tudou. General Catalyst are also investors in and

This is clearly great news for Tudou, but does not for YouTube. Having a Chinese version of YouTube already established means that it’ll be harder for parent company, Google to penetrate this market. However, this would be an interesting market for Google to tap through means of acquisition. This is also an interesting opportunity for Yahoo!, Microsoft, or AOL who have also acquired digital advertising companies recently.

Although Yahoo! has already had a tumultuous time in doing business with companies in China, one cannot forget that China is the heaviest populated country in the world at 1.3 billion people. China’s 2006 GDP was roughly $10.17 trillion as well. China’s GDP isn’t quite as high as the U.S., but it is getting closer every year.