“Clean-Up On Aisle 7”; Facebook Adding Retail Recommendation Feature

Posted Nov 4, 2007

Facebook is adding a new feature in the social network that revolves around retail recommendations. Let’s say for example that you find a book on the New York Times, Oprah’s Book Club, or Amazon.com. Users would then notice that their friends are reading a certain book and notice that its climbing in the best sellers list.
A more specific example is:

Fifty-four people in your network have bought Freakonomics.

would show up in users’ news feed. As Facebook users buy music/movies/books/etc. from retailers and report that they are doing so, marketing departments and agencies will use this information to pass along advertisements that relate to users’ tastes.

Business advisory company, Deloitte & Touche revealed in a study that 60% of Americans depend on online reviews to make purchases. This study reinforces Facebook’s purpose for the new feature.

The retail recommendation feature will only be one feature mentioned in the upcoming Facebook announcements. Bigger news is expected to be presented on Tuesday, November 6. Amazon.com products and Apple iTunes videos and songs will most likely be integrated in the recommendation service.

Side-Note: I chose the number 7 for the aisle number because that is Facebook’s current Alexa ranking, 1 place behind MySpace.