Co-Founder of MySpace, Brad Greenspan Now Supporting

Posted Jan 8, 2007

Brad Greenspan, co-founder of MySpace will now be supporting a new project called Albina Baklykova is a Russian DJ and the GreatMusicWall founder. “I admire the pursuits of this idea and I will definitely support it any way I can” stated Brad Greenspan.

The idea is very similar to, but the pixel advertisements are strictly related to artists, musicians, bands, djs, producers, fan clubs, record labels, radio and internet stations, music TV channels, music papers and magazines, music club/bars.

Albina said that the idea was inspired by the song, Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd. The website is designed to look like a brick wall where images are placed forever. Members will also be able to host tracks, music videos, photo albums, and podcasts. The Guiness World Records are also considering The Great Music Wall as The First Internet Wall In The World.

Bricks cost $200 which has a size of 10×20 pixels ($1 per pixel). “You can change the image but you cannot change the link once you have submitted it” states the Get a Brick! page. If you find orders for The Great Music Wall, you can get 50% of their order by becoming a 50/50 Partner.