Couchville: Online TV Program Guide Made Easy

Posted Mar 5, 2007

The idea isn’t that original. Yet, the user interface is so simple that even a child could use it. You type in a zip code, your cable/satellite channel provider, and that is it. You have TV listings right in front of your sorted by channel numbers in ascending order. Movies are highlighted in blue, new episodes of programs are marked in red, and sports in light green. Below is a screen shot sample:

You can easily navigate by clicking on the image and moving to mouse in the direction that you would like to go.  Move right and you’ll see future programs and move left for previous programs.  Up and down for the channels in ascending order.

“Couchville ties into Beyond TV, SnapStream’s DVR app. Using Couchville, you can pick programs you want to record right from the guide, and build up a profile of your favorite shows. Eventually SnapStream plans to let you share your picks with others, or provide you with programming recommendations based on your tastes.”
[Source: WebWare]

Couchville is also recommended by Kevin Rose of Digg and Michael Arrington of TechCrunch.