CRITEO Now Beta Testing AutoRoll Widget

Posted Mar 19, 2007

I recently received an e-mail from a Project Manager at CRITEO about a beta test that is taking place for a new widget that adds value to blogs: Autoroll. The widget keeps a blog roll of all readers that visit your blog that have AutoRoll installed and also traces the pages that readers visit the most often. This concept is slightly similar to MyBlogLog, but I definetely had to test it out.

1.) The first thing I noticed was how simple registration is. The first step is to verify that you are actually a human:

2.) The second step is to type in your URL, name, upload an icon (optional), and customize your widget:

3.) The last step is to copy and paste the code into your website.

Although this seems like a great product, we’ll be keeping MyBlogLog as the primary sidebar widget for now since we have a growing network with them and having more widgets may slow down the Pulse 2.0 load time. As we upgrade our servers, we’ll add more widgets to the site. However, I strongly believe that Autoroll would be a great way to keep track of incoming and outgoing traffic.

“When testing Criteo, our tech team from the Microsoft Technology Center was very impressed. It is very rare to see such a mature technology in terms of scalability and robustness for a startup company. Criteo makes a very powerful use of our technologies,” stated Julien Codorniou a Business Development Manager with Microsoft.