Rebuilding UI and Platform

Posted Jul 9, 2007[1], a Yahoo! company is currently working on new ways to improve the bookmarking service. developers are building a new platform that will also increase the speed of the site. While some users particularly enjoy the simplicity and color scheme of the site, others do not.

“Our challenge then is to make better without messing up the stuff that already works,” wrote Stephen Hood on the / blog[2]. “In the very near future weâ??re going to have a beta of the new design so we can get even more feedback.” used the Yahoo! facilities for about a week to bring in testers of the potential new various UI and framework options. There were 20 participants, 2000 post-it notes, 562 unique observations, and a quote from a tester stating “Iâ??m pleased; this new design doesnâ??t look like an angry fruit salad.” All-in-all, is making progress.

Yahoo! acquired in December 2005. The amount was rumored to be around $30-$35 million.

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[3] Pulse 2.0: The Current State of Yahoo! And Where Yahoo!â??s Acquisitions Since 1997 Are Now