Digg Launches iPhone-Compatible Site; IE Still Neglected

Posted Jul 14, 2007

In a Digg blog post[1], I read that Kevin Rose, Joe Stump, and Daniel Burka all sat down and thought of a way to design a Digg iPhone application. Joe Stump was able to code the application within 48 hours, so Kevin Rose had to buy him an iPhone. The Digg iPhone application is available at www.digg.com/iphone[2] and features story scrolling, a list of the top 5 comments, login and digg it abilities, jump to any topic, and pagination (consecutive numbering of pages).

Below is a picture of what the new Digg application looks like on an iPhone:

[image credit: Digg the Blog]

I also tried the Digg iPhone application on the Apple Safari web browser and Mozilla Firefox and it was fully functional on those platforms. However, the Digg iPhone application unsurprisingly did not work functionally on Internet Explorer 7.0 or on Internet Explorer for Windows Mobile 5.0 (standard browser on the Motorola Q mobile phone).

However, I did install Opera Mobile 8.65 Beta for the Motorola Q as Marshall Kirkpatrick suggested[3] the last time I complained about Digg not working on the Motorola Q and it seems to be somewhat functional (meaning that the links work, but I don’t think the Digg It feature works). Kirkpatrick is currently the Director of Content at SplashCast Media[4] and a former editor of TechCrunch.

Below is a screen shot of what the digg.com/iphone site looks like using Opera on the Motorola Q:

It doesn’t look as sleek as it does on the iPhone, but at least its somewhat functional.  And for that I give Digg a little bit of credit.  Ideally, Digg should work on every browser or have the ability to determine what browser a user is surfing with and accommodate to that.

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