Digital Music Player Company, Sonos Raises $6 Million Series B

Posted Jun 8, 2007

Sonos[1] is a company that develops wireless, digital music streaming players. This digital music player can be used all over the house and supports RealNetworks’ Rhapsody[2] as of last September. And the company has also recently signed a deal with Pandora as well. Sonos’ Digital Music Systems have the ability to read music from network hard drives and URLs and play it.

It was recently discovered that Sonos raised $6 million in Series B funding from BV Capital[3] and several other investors. This adds on to the $32 million Series A funding that Sonos was received. Of the $32 million Series A, BV Capital accounted for $10 million of it.

Sonos is hyper-competitively chasing after other music players like the Microsoft Zune and Apple iPod and by signing deals with online music companies, it only whets the appetite for technology geeks even more.

[2] Pulse 2.0: Sonos supports Rhapsody streaming music