Discovery Channel Acquires Blog For $10-15 Million

Posted Aug 2, 2007

A victory for professional bloggers everywhere, was acquired by Discovery Channel yesterday.  “ is a strategic complement to our digital media portfolio, aligning perfectly with Discovery’s corporate values and the Planet Green initiative,” stated Bruce Campbell, The President of Digital Media, Emerging Networks and Business Development at Discovery Communications. “Bringing into the Discovery family gives it the resources to continue doing what it does best: bringing green living to the masses.”

Since Al Gore brought awareness to global warming effects on planet Earth through means of his movie and sponsored concerts including Live Earth. is no exception when it comes to addressing the nature-related issues.  TreeHugger is known for their blogs, daily newsletters, videos, radio programs, news, and user-generated content.

And I best know the Discovery Channel for covering humans connection with nature.  One of the best known celebrities to appear on the screens of the Discovery Channel includes Steve “The Crocodile Hunter” Irwin whose life was cut short when sting ray attacked him in the Great Barrier Reef when filming a segment called Ocean’s Deadliest.  Irwin was also a voice actor for hit movie, Happy Feet.

A program that I also enjoyed that was produced by The Discovery Channel is Jeremy Piven’s Journey of a Lifetime.  Piven travelled around India to see tour the strets of Bombay, visits some gurus of Yoga, and participated in a candle-lighting ceremony at the Ganges River.  Piven is most well known for his role as power-agent Ari Gold in HBO’s Entourage.

TreeHugger was founded in 2004 by Graham Hill. Discovery Communications, with its global reach and high level of commitment to Planet Green, is launching the most significant effort in green media to date — and we’re excited to be part of it, stated Hill. Discovery’s worldwide presence via TV networks, websites and mobile services opens the way for us to reach a larger audience as we work to bring about major changes in the health of our planet. This new partnership with the world’s most trusted brand means we can better fulfill’s mission, while remaining true to our vision.”

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