DivineCaroline: A Social Network For Women By Women

Posted Feb 12, 2007

“YOU’RE MY BOY, BLUE!” shouts Frank Ricard (Will Ferrell) in the movie Old School at the funeral of Joseph ‘Blue’ Palasky. That is also the title of one of the articles on DivineCaroline.com. Remember Real Girls Media (RGM)? If not, you may remember the time when their pockets suddenly got a little bit fatter. RGM has recently launched DivineCaroline.com, a social network coined as being For Women By Women.

What is DivineCaroline about? If Reader’s Digest was written about women interests, this would be it. There is tons of content on Relationships, Parenting, Home & Food, Body & Soul, Travel, Style, Career & Money, Play, and Neighborhood & World on DivineCaroline. All of those categories I mentioned also have subcategories as well. For example, under Pregnancy, the sub-categories are Labor & Delivery, Hot topics, Belly Beautiful, Healthy Baby, and Healthy Mom.

On every article, users are encouraged to write non-offensive comments. Users are even encouraged to write stories of their own which I think is also an awesome feature. Registration is simple and intuitive. Here is what the form looks like:

Once you create a profile, you are taken to your studio (mine is called Amit’s Studio). Under My Studio, users are asked to write a little about themselves and your articles and reviews are consolidated on the frontpage. There is also a page where users can manage their account settings by entering their location, change passwords, modify pen names, and subscribe or refuse subscription to the DivineCaroline Newsletter.

In the About Me page, users add 5 things that are on the to-do list, what the user’s favorite mistake is and if the user could donate $1 million to their charity of choice, then who would it go to. There is also a favorite quotes section, most overused phrase, and to enter more optional information. Another feature called My Publicist where you can e-mail your friends when you have an article published on DivineCaroline.

Kate Thorp is the CEO of Real Girls Media and has also been the founder Lot21. Real Girls Media is based in San Francisco and is backed by 3i and WaldenVC. The name Caroline also belongs to the friend of one of the founders. As long as there are passionate writers out there, DivineCaroline will continue to thrive.