eBay Considering StumbleUpon Again For $75 Million

Posted May 9, 2007

eBay Inc. and StumbleUpon Inc. have resumed talks for an acquisition once again. I wrote about this matter earlier and underestimated the dollar amount involved. Before I believed that the amount was to be at $40-$45 million, but the Wall Street Journal reported that the amount is expected to be at $75 million.

Nothing is confirmed yet. Everything is just speculation right now.

StumbleUpon started up in 2001 in Calgary, Canada and has a toolbar that allows users to find relevant content based on interests and web surfing habits. StumbleUpon was founded by three people and was funded by Ram Shriram and Mitch Kapor.

StumbleUpon badges can be found on popular blogs and news websites including Pulse 2.0. StumbleUpon also acts as a social network that suggests friends. On April 19, StumbleUpon unleashed a feature called StumbleThru that allows users to allows users to find recommended content from particular domains such as Wikipedia, Flickr, and MySpace. The StumbleThru feature was announced on the StumbleUpon blog.

StumbleUpon announced that they crossed 2 million users in March. TechCrunch broke the initial acquisition possibility.