Eberts of the Web, Rank A Movie!

Posted Jan 25, 2007

Remember the days when cartoon movie critic, Jay Sherman used to tell us “It stinks” to fictitious movies? No? Well below is a sample clip taken from YouTube.


RankAMovie.com encourages users to create questions (aka categories) and rank suggested answers based on their own opinion. For example, one user created a question, “Which are the best movies that take place in Michigan, USA [link]?” So far, the only movies added to this category is American Pie and The Virgin Suicides. Clearly, Four Brothers and 8 Mile hasn’t been added to the list yet. Movies are ranked based on voting for a smile or a frown:

This is what the website user interface looks like:

The user interface could definetely use a redesign. I definetely think that this RankAMovie is a great idea, but the website design is just a turn-off. It almost appears to have been designed by an amateur web designer in the 90s.

The actual owner of RankAMovie is unknown, but looking at the copyright information of the page, it appears that it is a Schupie Production based out of Yonkers, NY.