Facebook Advances News Feed By Developing Frequency Customization

Posted Nov 15, 2006

Today Facebook has announced that they have taken their news feed feature and has advanced it. James Wang at Facebook stated that they have taken in feedback from users about Facebook news stories such as “Show me fewer stories about wall posts, “Show me more stories about my roommates,” and “Show me more stories about wall posts and fewer stories about my roommates” and has developed a solution to accomodate all of the users with such preferences, custom frequency-settings for the various feed stories.

Frequency of stories are modified through a mixer-style tool where you can adjust sliders for the different story types as displayed below:

You will notice that I had Facebook show me more stories about users writing on Walls. In order from left to right, the above icons stand for updates regarding Events, Groups, Photos, Notes, Relationships, Friends (adding), Wall Posts, Profiles (changes), Status (away message), and Posted Items (new Facebook share feature).

To completely eliminate updates or to keep closer tabs on certain friends, the new Facebook feature allows you to add the list of these people as well:

There was a public outcry (as shown in a previous TechCrunch article) when the whole concept of the News Feed appeared and so Facebook quickly implemented privacy enhancements. Since there are now many news update features available for Facebook and since everyone has different news update tastes, this custom frequency feature definetely comes in handy.

[Article Source: Facebook Blog]