Facebook Hires Gideon Yu, Former Yahoo and YouTube Financial Exec

Posted Jul 24, 2007

Gideon Yu has been travelling from job-to-job around the Valley lately. I read a little bit of background on the guy from ValleyWag[1]. Yu recently left Yahoo! working as a Treasurer to work as a junior partner at Sequoia Capital and YouTube’s Chief Financial Officer. But today, I read an article that Yu signed on to work as Facebook’s new CFO to oversee their accounting books.

This move enhances the speculations that Facebook will be going public. Facebook has been on a hiring binge for industry experts since F8 (Facebook Applications) was unraveled. Last week, Facebook acquired Parakey, a company that was started by a couple of Mozilla Firefox’s developers.

“My heart is first and foremost with venture-stage companies and consumer Internet companies,” stated Gideon Yu. “I’m hoping this is my last job for a long time.”

“I consider it kind of a coup that we were able to recruit him here,” stated Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. “He’s just excellent.”

“We’re not looking to sell the company, and we’re really not looking to IPO any time soon,” continued Zuckerberg. “Our board and we believe it’s probably best to push some of these things off as long as possible.”

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