Facebook Improves ‘Poking’ Feature

Posted Dec 23, 2006

Facebook has taken one of its oldest features, the ‘poke’ and has improved on it so that the user has to go through less page views to get the job done. For those who don’t know, ‘Poke’ is a minor feature where friends on the social network can get the attention of friends and non-friends alike. The latest Facebook blog post highlights the new feature as well as the year in review for the social network conglomerate.

New Facebook Poke Demonstration:

Now when you poke someone, a pop-up will appear within the window and ask you to confirm rather than redirecting you to another page as the feature worked before. After you click ‘Poke,’ it’ll say something like ‘You have poked Kinky Friedman, and then the window would fade out.

I would highly recommend reading the Facebook blog post about the company’s year in review as there has been a number of great features added to the site.  Who would have thought that they released the Friend Detail confirmations around this time last year?