Facebook Marketplace To Arrive Today

Posted May 10, 2007

The New York Times has reported that Facebook will be adding a classifieds section called Marketplace to the social network later today.  For every seller, Facebook users can find out by how many degrees and how they are connected with that particular seller.

The success of such a feature is not predictable because there are already well known classified websites out there such as Craigslist and eBay.  Facebook users already message all their friends if they want to sublease their apartment for a summer. 

Another reason why classifieds is a bad move for Facebook is because it directly interferes with one of their revenue sources: Facebook Flyers.  If users can place free classified right on the homepage, what is the point in paying for these flyers?

However, Zuckerberg mentioned that Marketplace is a potential new revenue model.  “He planned to one day allow sellers to pay to more widely promote their listings on the site. He also noted that the service could create new opportunities to serve up related ads around certain kinds of listings [NYT].”

There is also a rumor that Facebook may introduce a Music feature.  The blog post source of this information was deleted though [via Digg & Mashable].  We’ll see what happens on May 21st.