Facebook Replica, Red Social, Launches In Cuba

Posted Dec 4, 2011

[Image credit: La Chiringa de Cuba]
In Cuba only 2% of the population has an Internet connection. But for those who do have a connection most likely have a lot of limitations. In Cuba, a Facebook replica called RedSocial recently launched and it is intended to be a “virtual meeting place for Cuban universities.” The word Facebook is actually in the domain name for the website too (facebook.ismm.edu.cu).

In Cuba, Internet usage is only limited to academic purposes and for students. The website mimics Facebook and only allows Cubans to connect with other Cubans. Cuba also has a Wikipedia replica called EcuRed where posts are updated by users. Most Cubans also rely only on normal mail, telephone, and word-of-mouth for information. Cuba has the lowest levels of computer ownership at 3.3 per 100 inhabitants.

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