Facebook Revenues For This Year: “Well over $100 million”

Posted Jul 13, 2007

Social network, Facebook.com is becoming more and more mainstream everyday.  Bloggers are publishing thoughts about whether the company will go IPO due to a new financial-related job added to its list of jobs for the first time.  Facebook is also being compared to the success of Google as well.  Some bloggers even wrote that Microsoft is considering offering Facebook more than $5 billion for an acquisition recently. 

Today, at the Fortune iMeme conference in San Francisco, Calif. Jim Breyer of Accel Partners discussed Facebook’s future.  More specifically, a question that was asked to Breyer was, “What would be one example of catalyst where you and Mark would say we should sell the company?” 

To which Breyer replied:

“Part of it is always priceâ?¦The company will do well over $100 million in revenue, and profitable, and significant EBITDA positive this year. Right now our job is to build out the company as significantly as possible. In our case, sold best companies too earlyâ?¦sold Perabit to various networking companies, a series of our networking companies that today would have been possible IPO candidates.”

There you have it, folks.  Straight from the mouth of a Facebook Board member and investor.  Facebook would be interested in going IPO, but if the price is right, Facebook would hand over the keys.  A question that I’d like to pose to the readers is that if you own a media/software/search engine company and had about a $150 billion market cap, what is the maximum amount you would pay to own Facebook?  Add a comment and discuss.

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