Facebook Sprays Pesticide On Security Breach Bug Rumor / Kills Audio App

Posted Jul 31, 2007

Facebook Bug:
Today, Facebook went down for a few hours and then blogger/IBM employee, Matt Dibb reported: “Earlier on today I was getting some trouble connecting to Facebookâ??s login page – after trying to log in the connection just kept timing out instead of taking me to my home page like it usually does.” Dibb continued: “A couple of hours later I came back to my computer after finishing up some work elsewhere and tried logging in again (Iâ??m not addicted – I can stop any time I wantâ?¦!). To my surprise my login details – usually stored and prefilled by Firefox – had gone and were replaced by an unfamiliar email address[1].”

Then the blogosphere reacted.  People are clearly concerned about the type of data that is stored on Facebook and that is understandable.  Facebook has tons and tons of pictures uploaded by users carelessly.  These users expect that none of these pictures will leak into the wrong hands.

However, in a PR group, Facebook released a statement:
“This morning, we temporarily took down the Facebook site to fix a bug we identified earlier today. This was not the result of a security breach. Specifically, the bug caused some third party proxy servers to cache otherwise inaccessible content. The result was that an isolated group of users could see some pages that were not intended for them. The site has now been restored and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Audio App Killed:
The Facebook Audio application had about 750k users as of last week.  The Audio application allowed users to upload MP3s and place it on their profile. Facebook banned the app, reinstated it, and now banned it again.  VentureBeat[4] has a full explanation of the product lifecycle of the Facebook Audio Application.

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