Facebook, What Have You Done To Yourself?

Posted Jul 29, 2007

I have a problem with you, website formerly known as thefacebook.com. When I joined you back in 2003, you were a nobody. I was a dumb college kid running around looking for a way to show off the number of friends I have in a more fashionable way than Friendster. I wanted to know who my friends’ friends were, their favorite quotes, their favorite movies, some of their contact info, and that is it!

Why the hell should I care if my friends SuperPoke me? Why should Facebook tell me to bite my friends in a vampire vs. werewolf adventure. Nor do I want to Grow-a-Gift. In the below screen shot, there are thousands of users that belong to certain applications. Why do they decide to join these applications? SPAM!! Almost every application asks a user to invite all of their friends. What is Facebook turning into? I’ll tell you what… Facebook applications are pretty much emulating Tagged.com, a social network that I consider to be spam.

Tagged is a social network based in San Francisco that automatically by default invites your friends via email to join their social network. To join a majority of Facebook applications, there is a form that by default has your friends check-marked to be invited to use the same applications. There is a way to opt-out of inviting your friends from the application, but many people do not pay attention to that. Tagged penetrates its users contact information from e-mails and insists that these so-called references join Tagged.com as well.

Some of America’s top bloggers are declaring Facebook bankruptcy, meaning they’re going to de-activate their account. And to be honest, if it wasn’t for Facebook’s photo album system, I’d be gone too. Facebook, Zuckerberg, get back to the basics. There is nothing to look forward to for incoming college students, especially since Facebook is open to everyone and to those who are finding ways to gain users a much easier way. Its only a matter of time until an exclusive Facebook alternative is released for people who want to be part of something elite and not have third-parties solicit.