Facebook’s New Search Feature: Helps Find Friends Faster

Posted Sep 19, 2007

For the last couple of days, Facebook’s search engine wasn’t working functionally.  I thought it was a problem with their Applications, but now I see why it was not working before.  They simply were rebuilding search functionality so that as you are typing a friends name, the search engine will provide suggestions based on who your friends are.

Allow me to demonstrate.  Lets say that I was looking for my Facebook friend, Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia and Wikia.  Below is a screen shot of the results that appear when I type in Jimmy:

Since I have only one friend named Jimmy and because Mr. Wales does not belong to any networks, only one name appeared and below his name is blank.  Here is another example, this time I will type in Mike:

Had I wanted to see any of these particular Mike profiles above, I would simply click on their name.  Showing the school name also helps the user remember how they associate with particular searches.

I really like this setup.  It makes finding friends a lot faster.  Before if I wanted to find a friend on Facebook, I would have to type Jimmy or Mike in the search engine, hit Enter, and my friends would show up at the top results and below my friends would be other Jimmys or Mikes on Facebook that I do not know.  That functionality still exists, but this measure makes search more efficient.  Thank you Facebook developers and good luck with opening the London office.