FatFreeCart: Sell Products & Checkout The Fast Way

Posted Jun 27, 2007

FatFreeCart[1] makes it easy to set-up shopping carts online. There isn’t any registration necessary to benefit from this service. Essentially FatFreeCart provides the code[2] needed to enable users to add checkout buttons on their website. The code currently supports PayPal and Google Checkout.

This service is especially beneficial for users that want to make money from their talent. For example, if you’re a musician and you want to make money by selling your music, adding FatFreeCart is a quick and simple solution. An example of a satisfied user of FatFreeCart is blue-echoes.com[3]. Blue-echoes.com uses the service for people to quickly buy photography prints through Google Checkout connected to FatFreeCart.

The best part of FatFreeCart is that it is free and quick. FatFreeCart was designed by Robin Kohli, also founder of e-junkie.com[4].

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[3] blue-echoes.com: prints
[4] E-junkie.com