FilmSpot: CNET’s Movie Information Website

Posted Feb 15, 2007

CNET has recently unleashed a movie website called FilmSpot that focuses on film-related content. The homepage of FilmSpot has a sorting feature of what movies are the most popular, the highest rated, and displays the weekend box office results. The box office results displays weekend and cumulative earnings for movies that are in theaters. As of right now, A Night at the Museum has earned $225,001,335 and The Pursuit of Happyness has earned $157,217,102.

“FilmSpot features movie summaries, critical opinions, trailers, news, photos, actor and character guides, celebrity bios, theatrical and DVD release schedules, and box-office results” states the About FilmSpot page.

Membership is free, so I signed up. Here is what the internal homepage of what an individual’s profile page looks like:

FilmSpot encourages users to actively blog and participate in forums. In the forums preferences, users can set time zones, topics per page, topics sorting order, messages per page, messages sort order, and decide whether they want their signature to show up along with their posts. Here is a screen shot of the forum preferences:

Users can also create lists and tag them such as their favorite users and favorite movies. Other custom lists can be created.

After users contribute film-related content such as Reviews, Ratings, Blog posts, Forum posts, and other submissions, then it is archived:

FilmSpot already seems to be benefitting from the advertisements placed around the website.   From a business stand-point, the market for film content seems to be already saturated by other players such as, Yahoo! Movies, IMDb,, etc.   Whether FilmSpot will be able to pull the rug from right under their competitors is still a mystery.  I think the user interface is pretty cool, especially the homepage.