Firefox 3.0 Specs Released

Posted Dec 8, 2006

It wasn’t too long ago when Mozilla released Firefox 2.0, but now the company has released the specifications that will be placed into Firefox 3 in a wiki format. The software development life cycle is expected to complete within 12 months. The team is developing Firefox 3.0 based on the Gecko 1.9 Roadmap format which is what Mozilla had followed for the Firefox 2.0 development as well.

One of the new expected features of Firefox 3 is called “places” which will be placed to the left of the tabs. This is similar to the “Add to Favorites” and “Favorites Center” feature in Internet Explorer 7.0.

As far as tabbed browsing goes, Firefox will also implement a feature so that new tabs will open to the right of the active tab, which is also similar to Internet Explorer 7.0. However, a new feature that is unique will allow a group of URLs to open on one click of bookmarks.

According to, another feature that will be improved from Firefox 2 is a feature that the new Internet Explorer lacks, which is auto-saving data in forms and posts. As a blogger, I have experienced the loss of data when writing posts by accidentally clicking on a link that replaces the page that I am writing the post on. Microsoft has added an alert button to alleviate this problem, but in some circumstances the alert does not show up. TGDaily reports: “version 3.0 will have increased session saving capabilities, including the ability to save all data logged in a single session, such as data entered into forms and posts, and the entire page viewing history.”

Mozilla and Microsoft has been having a browser war for quite some time now. In my opinion, I think that it is somewhat frustrating that between both browsers, one supports a tool that another browser doesn’t, so it is difficult to settle on one browser.

The tools I am referring to is the Facebook and Alexa toolbars. Internet Explorer supports the Alexa toolbar, but Firefox doesn’t. However, Firefox supports the Facebook toolbar, but Internet Explorer doesn’t. In terms of speed though, Firefox is clearly the winner.

Yet when it comes to embedding videos from YouTube on WordPress and having it work properly, I have had the most luck with Internet Explorer. If anyone has had luck embedding videos on to Firefox while using WordPress, definitely let me know.