Former Disney CEO, Eisner Forming Web Video Studio Website, Vuguru

Posted Mar 12, 2007

Before departing from Disney, Michael Eisner has had quite a few tumultous encounters with Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios (now owned by Disney). Now Eisner has found a new way to occupy himself: the Internet. USA Today mentioned that Eisner’s investment company, The Tornante Company will announce that the company is launching a Web video studio called Vuguru. The website will feature a show called Prom Queen which will have a season that lasts 80 days and will have a new 90 second clip added each day.

“There’s a new distribution platform that’s going to be ubiquitous, and that’s clearly broadband,” stated Eisner. “Winning the marathon will be professionally produced, emotionally driven story content.”

Vuguru has also announced that the web videos will soon be available for streaming on mobile phones and other handhelds. The web videos will have advertisements running before-and-after the show along with product placements within the actual program. The Tornante Company believes that by running shows at 90 seconds a piece, users will still be engaged in every episode. Vuguru had also bought the rights to another program called Sam Has 7 Friends.

Eisner, Time Warner, and Spark Capital have previously invested in Veoh Networks, Inc. last April. The amount was for $12.5 million.