Former TechCrunch UK Writer, Sam Sethi Launches Blognation And Receives Funding

Posted Jul 4, 2007

Former TechCrunch UK writer, Sam Sethi is making some ambitious moves. Sethi is starting a technology blog that does not focus on U.S. companies and is called Blognation. Blognation[1] will be focusing on web companies that are largely based in the European and Asian continent.

The problem with the idea of focusing on European website companies is that every web company has interests in making an impression in Silicon Valley. This is where practically all the venture capital firms are and where a majority of the web company acqusitions take place.

Below is a video interview of Sam Sethi talking about the launch of Blognation:

Blognation has about 16 writers and include technologies that revolve on the web, mobile technologies, and enterprise software. Blognation also lists events that will take place in the aforementioned locations. The chronological upcoming events on Blognation right now are listed all the way till March 17, 2008.

In regards to Sam Sethi’s firing from TechCrunch UK, Michael Arrington wrote in his personal blog[2]:
“Sam and I exchanged words this morning and I said he basically fired himself with that second to last post promoting his events. But nothing had been publicized and we certainly could have discussed a work around, public apology, retraction, etc. But the next thing I knew heâ??d posted on the blog about his dismissal. Until that happened, everything was reversible. After he took that step, the situation was no longer able to be resolved.”

Supposedly, Blognation has already raised funding from undisclosed investors. If or when Michael Arrington brings back TechCrunch UK, he may have found himself making a former employee into a rival. The intensity of rivalry could be very interesting. Arrington is pretty ruthless when it comes to competition.

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[2] CrunchNotes: Putting TechCrunch UK On Hold