FoxyTunes Is An Amazing Browser Plugin

Posted Jan 23, 2007

One essential tool that is needed for a computer is an alarm clock that plays an MP3.  As I searched around the web for a free MP3 alarm clock for the past several years, the best software I had found was Banshee Screamer Alarm.  Although it is not available anymore on the Internet, I still happen to have the set-up file.  One day, I attempted to have Banshee play an M4P file I downloaded from iTunes Music Library, then Banshee stopped working altogether.  FoxyTunes is the best alternative to Banshee.

And in case you were wondering, FoxyTunes isn’t just an alarm clock built-in to a browser.  The primary purpose of FoxyTunes is so that you don’t have to minimize your Internet browser to switch songs on your media player.  With the FoxyTunes toolbar, you can display the song title that is playing, control your media player functions including volume, and even move the toolbar anywhere in the browser.

The media players that FoxyTunes supports include Apollo, foobar, iTunes, J. River, JetAudio, MediaMonkey, MusicMatch, musikcube, Pandora, Quintessential, RealPlayer, Rhapsody, Sonique, The Core, Winamp, Windows Media Player, wxMusik, XBox Media Player, XMPlay, and Yahoo Music Engine.  I have a huge music library and find myself toggling between songs a lot.  Ultimately, this toolbar will help me save time substantially.

FoxyTunes was created by Alex Sirota.  FoxyTunes Planet is an upcoming service that will integrate FoxyTunes services with related music information from sources, Amazon and Wikipedia.

Here is a screen shot of the toolbar in action: