Google AdWords Officially Merging Into Apps

Posted Jun 5, 2007

“The Web has quickly become the most powerful tool small and medium sized businesses can use to compete and win in todayâ??s economy,” stated Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google[1]. “Combining the power and simplicity of Salesforce with Google AdWords helps businesses find and keep customers to ultimately drive their continued success.”

Google announced today that the company will be allying with[2]. Google AdWords would be plugged in to marketing applications. The application would allow clients to streamline Google AdWords into their marketing plans and new users would receive a $50 AdWords credit.

The first application created with an integrated AdWords platform is Salesforce Group Edition. This application allows AdWord users to have their business advertisements placed along relevant content, gain leads from white paper and Webinar sign ups, and monitor AdWords effectiveness.

Salesforce has about 32,300 customers including Dow Jones and AOL. Salesforce headquarters are in San Francisco.

The official Google press release is available at:[3]

[1] Eric Schmidt bio page
[3] Google press release: and Google Form Strategic Global Alliance