Google and Gilbarco Veeder-Root Making E-Maps Available At Gas Stations, Convenience Stores, Etc.

Posted Nov 7, 2007

Gilbaro Veeder-Root and Google is teaming up to provide Google Maps available at various gas stations, convenience stores, tank gauges, etc.  The new system is called Applause and will combine tools like SMART Merchandising, Google Maps, and Encore S platform.

At the gas pumps, Google Maps will appear on a small screen with an Internet coneciton.  The new service will begin next month and will pilot on 3,500 gas pumps based on demand.  “This will be sort of a Googley, more stealthy way of getting directions,” stated Karen Roter Davis, Principal Business Development Manager at Google.

Below is a screen shot of how the service will look at the gast stations.