Google Calendar Now Has Mobile Reminders

Posted Jun 26, 2007

Carl Sjogreen officially announced Google Calendar on April 13, 2006 on the Google Blog[1].  Google Calendar is similar to Microsoft Outlook’s ability to create events/meetings and invite guests.  To further enhance its services, Google Calendar announced that there is an ability to send notification reminders via mobile phone and now has the ability to be accessed by mobile phones.  I discovered this feature when I logged into my GMail inbox tonight.  The new feature was highlighted in red at the top right of the page.

Google does a very well job of creating products and services of convenience.  However, I believe that this feature is more of being unnecessary.  Immediately when you think of text messages, you think of having to pay extra money on your cellphone plan.  Most phones have built-in alarm clocks and notices these days.  Why charge yourself for notification text messages when this feature is already built in to most phones?  If one had unlimited text messages, then it would definetely be very useful.

On the other hand, typing in events into Google Calendar from a PC or Mac is a lot easier than setting up alarms on mobile phones, regardless of T9 and if the phone has a QWERTY keyboard.  Kudos to Google for making the unnecessary, but convenient feature.