Google Confirms Feedburner Acquisition

Posted Jun 1, 2007

According to the official Google Blog[1] and the Feedburner weblog[2], Google Inc. has officially confirmed the acquisition of Feedburner. What Feedburner hopes to achieve through the acquisition is to provide a higher value for their clients.

When I say higher value for clients, I mean money. Feedburner also hopes that the company will now be able to leverage Google technology to provide an advancement of centralized information for clients.

“Publishers want a single dashboard and single source for the metrics that give them feedback about the value of their content and its impact on their business. By combining our market leading feed metrics with Google’s market leading site and marketing analytics, publishers now get a comprehensive, 360-degree view of their audience,” stated Dick Costolo, the founder and CEO of Feedburner.

What does Google get out of this? More choices for advertisers using the Google AdWords campaign. Imagine this: as one of the biggest Internet advertising companies in America, you now own the rights to providing an option for advertisers to plug in advertisements in one of the biggest RSS analytics tracking software companies. Supposedly Feedburner is growing as fast as MySpace as well. It’s a win-win situation for Google and Feedburner.

The actual amount involved was not disclosed, but previous speculations believe that the amount was to be roughly around $100 million[3].

Feedburner currently hosts over 400,000 publisher RSS feeds and 100,000 podcasts. The company is based in Chicago, IL. Feedburner previous investors include Mobius Venture Capital[4], Portage Venture Partners[5], Sutter Hill Ventures[6], Drafer Fisher Jurvetson, and Union Square Ventures[7].

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