Google Earth, Now a Valedictorian in Meteorology

Posted Nov 8, 2007

The Google Earth application has conquered many feats.  The first few steps on Google Earth was to map out a few select cities and the roads that exist in them.  Then we saw the entire U.S. mapped out with a few confidential areas blurred out.  Then Google Earth got busy in mapping out the rest of… Earth.

As the rest of planet Earth was being indexed on Google Earth, the application was able to show us nature trails hot spots, 3D Buildings, Traffic, Street Views, global awareness and other places of interest.  Google Earth is even able to show us outer space and constellations.  But now Google Earth is showing us something we can never predict: the weather.

According to the Google Lat Long Blog, there are three sub-layers that demonstrate how the weather looks in selected areas.  The layers are known as “Clouds,” “Radar,” and “Conditions and Forecasts.” The “clouds” layer is provided by the Naval Research Laboratory in Monterey.  And the “Radar” with the “Conditions and Forecasts” layer is powered by

My concern with this idea though is that while watching the weather radar from a different perspective than is interesting, the convenience just isn’t there.  I want to know the forecast this for this morning or tomorrow.  It should be as fast as just going to with my preset on or looking at my Yahoo! weather Widget on the desktop.

Regardless, you’ve just gotta see it on Google Earth!

Weather disabled:

Weather enabled: