Google Page Creator Adds Image Editor, Multiple Site Support & Mobile Support

Posted Nov 20, 2006

According to the Google Blog, Google added three new features to its online webpage creator. The new features are an image editor, multiple site support, and mobile support.

The image editing feature lets you edit pictures for you web page online. You can crop, rotate, add special effects, sharpen, increase / decrease colors, and edit brightness through the new image editing interface.

You can also create up to five sites with different URLs under your account now. This is great because many users do not want to reveal their Gmail address in their homepage address which was a problem in the past.

The third feature addition to Google Page Creator is automatic mobile optimization of sites. All Google Page Creator sites will automatically be optimized for cell phones now.

When page creator first came out, it had its share of problems. But Google is doing a great job listening to its users. These new updates will definitely add to Page Creatorâ??s popularity.