Google Wins Advertisement And Search Contract

Posted Aug 29, 2007

The Cable News Network is America’s #1 cable news source based on the highest number of unique viewers according to Nielsen.  As the news network grew more powerful, the company introduced in 1995.  Around the time of September 11, 2001,’s unique visitors grew from 1.3 million to 4.6 million according to MediaLifeMagazine.

In 2006, received 1.6 billion page views per month and served 600 million free videos over the course of the year.  Between January 2006-November 2006, was ranked #1 for mobile news providers.  Based on these statistics and the prestige of having CNN as a client, Google AdSense should throw a victory party for themselves.  It was recently announced that they will be the exclusive pay-per-click advertisement providers for CNN.  Previously, Yahoo! was the advertisement provider since 2004.  In 2004, Yahoo! took the exclusive rights for CNN advertisements and competed against Google for the same deal.

Google’s search engine is also powering for archived stories as well.  Google also sealed a deal to be the exclusive pay-per-click advertising company and search engine for most FOX Interactive Media websites, including MySpace last year.  The deal with FOX costed roughly $900 million – $1 billion.

“This is an important deal for Google because has a lot of traffic and high quality content. The agreement provides an opportunity for our advertisers to target and get high quality traffic for their ads,” stated Brandon McCormick, a Google spokesman.

CNN recently revamped their website.  Pulse 2.0 reviewed CNN Beta last June.