Groovle: Create Your Own Custom Google Homepage

Posted Sep 6, 2007

Groovle is a new way to customize homepages with Google as the default search engine.  Users can also upload an image as the background of the search engine homepage.

There are two ways Groovle can be used.  The first is to create personal homepages by uploading the image from the user’s computer of family, friends, kids, celebrities, etc.  There is also a directory of already customized homepages.

Below is an example screen shot of the Eva Longoria homepage:

Groovle makes money from Google Custom Search.  Jacob Fuller is the creator of  In regards to the Beta launch, Fuller stated, “For the past couple of years I wondered to myself why my homepage was so plain looking and why there wasn’t an option available to make it more ‘alive.’ I took the idea to my old University roommate Ryan and after months of sleepless nights coding and optimizing images we launched” Fuller added “We are providing a free service that we think is appealing to individuals all over the world and in the coming months we will be adding some pretty cool features.”

Groovle also has a $2,000 cash contest through its Facebook group where first place will earn $400, 2nd place at $250, 3rd place at $150, 4th place through 10th place at $100 each, and 11th place through 20th place at $50 each.

Ryan Fitzgibbon also worked with Jacob in creating Groovle.  Groovle’s business model is quite simple, but easily gauges the interest of people with Google as their homepage and appreciate the ability to set their own wallpapers.  I often find myself switching my wallpapers to nature scenes, skyline scenes, and Lamborghinis.