Heeii: A Browser Plugin For Relevant Content

Posted May 8, 2007

Heeii is a free sidebar plugin for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. As you browse the web, Heii’s sidebar plug-in will suggest relevant content to you. The plugins for both browsers are still in Beta testing, but I’ll test it out and place a screen shot in this blog post.

After I installed the plugin and monitored the results that were given in the side bar, I felt that the content wasn’t relevant. For example, when I went to Google.com, the first and second result on the sidebar plugin was a Google Netherlands search on Heeii itself and Women’s Law Project:

However, I’ll look at this flaw as a result of the plugin still being Beta tested. Also, the service depends on feedback given by users and since the product was created on April 28, 2007, there isn’t enough feedback to draw upon relevant content.

Heeii is based in The Netherlands and is led by CEO, Edwin Kuipers.