Hey, I’m Only Human: Share Your Mistakes

Posted Jan 18, 2007

One of the newest Web 2.0 companies to come out is Only Human (www.weareonlyhuman.com). I don’t really see this as a social network. I see this more of a forum to warn people from making similar mistakes. Only Human was created by Thought and Theory, a small group of people that create projects that affect the personal lives of others.

Only Human is separated into several different topics including Arts & Entertainment, Business, Career & Education, Law, Pets, Money & Finance, Religion, Science, etc. Under the topics, there will be certain mistakes that will say, “so and so made the mistake of such and such” and then it will say “My advice to you is…” Then right below the individual posts, the full story is contained. One example I read was Mirko Bello’s mistake of “trashing the ITunes folder in the music folder” and his advice to you is “don’t trash that and don’t empty the trash after a deletion.”

I suppose the demographic that Thought and Theory is trying to act is a bunch of sharing idiot users. The more the mistakes a person makes, the more users this website will get. So keep doing stupid things. I like the thought of this website because… hey… we’re only human.

To register for the website, users are asked email addresses, passwords, and birthdays. After registering an account, to share a story, you fill out a few forms. Here is what it looks like:

Users can also create a profile with location, first and last name, gender, birthday, interests, and adding general information about yourself.

The management team behind Thought and Theory include CEO Dennis Eusebio, Chief Marketing Director Jason Sadler, and CFO Edgar Vegara. A lot of the website was created using AJAX and JavaScript.