I Saved a Ton of Money By Switching to Google Checkout

Posted Dec 23, 2006

Okay, well maybe not a ton, but I definitely saved about 17% off of my last order, a 320GB Western Digital external hard drive. As Christmas is approaching, I felt compelled to buy myself something. Hence I went over to eDealInfo.com to look at what I could buy.

And I noticed that a lot of the items posted on the site say, “During checkout use ‘Google Checkout’ option to save an additional $20 off $50 purchase.” This is the first time that I personally have seen that we are able to save such a large amount of money just by switching to a checkout service. Should PayPal fret about this? I think so.  This type of aggressive marketing approach could make the eBay-owned company lose users.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing Google Checkout features on eBay product listings.

Below is a screen shot of where Google Checkout shows up on the Buy.com page when I checked out the hard drive: