Introducing Yahoo! Personal Finance

Posted Jan 19, 2007

People have been bashing Yahoo! quite a bit lately especially on the inactions of CEO, Terry Semel. Yahoo! Personal Finance is a new target for Yahoo! bashing. Basically, Yahoo! took content from different places of the web and mashed it into the Personal Finance service. For example, content is aggregated from, Kiplinger, TheMotleyFool, SmartMoney, WSJ, and Consumer Reports. There also a glossary of financial terms with the Word of the Day (Today’s word is Eurodollar).

The top 5 financial questions and answers are also pulled from Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Personal Finance also has embedded calculators and How-To Guides.

Under the Personal Finance tab, there are several subcategories including: Banking & Budgeting, Career & Work, Family & Home, Insurance, Loans, Real Estate, Retirement, and Taxes. Those subcategories also have their own subcategory pages as well. For example, under Career & Work, there are pages for Leadership, Salary & Negotiation, Self-Employment, and Work/Life Balance.

I agree with StartupSquad when they write, “I think Yahoo should stop running after all those high CPC advertisers, and instead build something that is really useful for the users. Some kind of financial analytics software, or a better portfolio management.”