Jimmy Wales Continuing Talks For China’s Wikipedia Block, But Maintains Censorship Refusal Position

Posted Aug 8, 2007

Jimmy Wales plans on resuming talks with high level Chinese officials to bring about a discussion on sanctioning Wikipedia in China.  Wikipedia is banned because certain content has been refused by Wales to be censored.  Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft did compromise and edited disapproved content in China. 

In the meantime, Baidu.com has been claiming Wikipedia content contributed by Wiki users as their own according to CEOSmack:

“They do not respect the licence at all,” stated Florence Nibart-Devouard, the chair of the Board of Trustees, Wikimedia Foundation. “That might be the biggest copyright violation we have. We have others.”

Given the fact that China and U.S. are constantly swapping between the highest number of Internet users, it is of Wikipedia’s interest to be sanctioned.  After all, the block means that 100+ million potential visitors are not visiting Wikipedia in China, but Baidu should not be receiving the benefit of Wikipedia-contributed content without proper credit.

“Since we are blocked in China, Wikipedia exists only on one other Web site there, and it is not ours,” added Florence. 

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