Joost Beta Version 1.0 Now Available, Lost Interest For Now But Have Improvement Suggestions

Posted Sep 29, 2007

A lot of expectations have been built-up for Joost: The company raised $45 million in funding in May 2007.  And since the company started, they’ve hired a new CEO and even gone through a name change.  Also while the application is still in development, so many changes have been made in the Internet video market. 

Around the time Joost finally released an invite-only release, Pulse 2.0, GigaOM, and Mashable were sending floods of invites manually.  The biggest problem with Joost is that users have to install an application that requires some of the highest hardware specifications.  It would probably take a half-hour for the application to pull up the video menus in developing countries that recently were introduced to broadband Internet.  There is a lot of aesthetic fluff surrounding the application that isn’t necessary for Joost’s primary purpose either.  There’s all types of flashy swirls and videos just surrounding the loading of the application. 

What is Joost’s primary purpose?

Joost’s primary purpose is simply to watch TV shows, mini-movies, and even single music videos.  Essentially, I don’t see a difference between what Joost has to offer versus YouTube, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.  YouTube has music videos uploaded by Universal, NBC offers full episodes of TV shows, full TV shows on CBS, and FOX has clips of shows that I like such as Family Guy too.

If Joost doesn’t do something soon, their investors may not see much of a return from the money they plugged into the company.  What can they do?  Take YouTube head-on.  Create a web application that complements its application so their time isn’t wasted either.  For example, Joost has music videos from P. Diddy that has crisp, clear quality on its application.  Joost should offer a lower quality version of the video on its web application, then give the user a choice to pull up a higher-quality version of the video on its desktop application.  Thats my suggestion as a former Joost user.