Kakle Beating GMail By Offering Free 5GB E-mail

Posted Dec 29, 2006

Kakle is a new rapidly growing search engine that is still in Beta and preparing for launch. Looking at Kakle’s interface, it looks to be just as simple and easy to use as Google is. What is Kakle doing to distinguish themselves? Kakle is now offering a FREE 5GB e-mail account. Presently, this beats Google’s GMail by about 2GB.

Kakle also has a social network and also a personalized portal that allows a user to import RSS. Kakle aggregates results from major search engines and also ranks the search engine that provides the best results right below the result listings. Kakle is able to do this somehow when reading META tags from the source code. Kakle’s social network allows users to upload 24 videos and 24 photos.

Another feature Kakle offers is an instant messaging software. Similar to Meebo, Kakle’s IM software is compatible with AIM, MSN, Yahoo! messaging services.
As Kakle is a relatively new service, the company is actively seeking feedback. Signing up is easy and navigating around the personalized interface is also simple. Below is a screen shot of the dashboard page once you log in:

I also checked out the mail system and it looks just as impressive as GMail:

The only drawback to the website right now is that search results are aggregated, but in the press release I read regarding the website, it stated that the company is planning on adding their own natural search listings soon enough. This seems like an exciting company during its evolution.