Kevin Rose and Jason Calacanis Discuss Digg Vs. Netscape On GigaOm Show

Posted Aug 4, 2007

Turf wars don’t just happen in the streets.  They also happen in Valleys.  For example, Kevin Rose’s Digg users saw Rose as a victim to theft from Jason Calacanis’ influence on the redesign of Netscape.  However, Kevin and Jason clearly presented mutual respect for each other on the last episode of The GigaOM Show.

If I were to take anything away useful from the entire episode, I would say this would this dialogue would be it:
Om: “Are you two Facebook friends or no?”
Rose: “Yeah, we are.”
Joyce: “Top friends?”
Rose: “Uh, I haven’t added that stupid Top Friends application, I refuse to do it.”

In this episode, I was happy to see that I wasn’t the only tech-savvy person annoyed by some of the useless applications appearing on Facebook.  Another part of the episode I liked is when Om asked Calacanis why nobody likes him.  I didn’t envision Om to be so blunt.  I think I’m actually starting to like The GigaOM show better than Diggnation already.