Knover Launches Pundits 2008: Make Yourself Heard

Posted Apr 11, 2007

Knover is promoting its new Pundits 2008 service as a virtual dorm room debating society.  Pundits 2008 aims to capture attention from students who enjoy debating about current events.  ‘Wake up and realize global warming is a farce’ is one of the debates listed on Pundits 2008.

Several political figures have profiles set-up on Pundits 2008 and have associations listed with other political figures.  For example, John Edwards and John Kerry have a strong association [See screen shot below]:

Users can comment on various political issues and vote on a 1-5 star scale about the opinions listed on the site.

“I just wished there were more places, better places, where people could go online to discuss and debate as opposed to just listening to people they already agree with,” stated Co-Founder/CEO of Knover, John Collier.  “I always walked out of the room feeling challenged and better informed for having had those discussions.  When people sign-off of Knover, I want them to have that same feeling.”

Information regarding these political figures are consolidated on Knover as well.  Biographies are pulled from Wikipedia and Multimedia is pulled from YouTube.

The registration process to become a Knover Pundit is simple.  Users just have to fill out an e-mail address, display name, password, date of birth, country, postal code, gender and fill out word verification.  After that is complete, users are ready to comment on political issues.  I strongly recommend this service for those who want to be heard and have friendly debates.

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