Kosmix and RevolutionHealth Partner To Provide Relevant Medical Content Search

Posted Jun 27, 2007

Kosmix[1] and RevolutionHealth[2] just announced today that they will be partnering in allowing users to categorize and quickly pull information about medical conditions and treatments. Kosmix’s core competency is categorization search (i.e. tag search-similar to Quintura). RevolutionHealth will be able to utilize Kosmix’s search to place relevant medical content together.

RevolutionHealth was founded by Steve Case, former CEO and chairman of America Online. Kosmix was founded by Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman. Venky also founded Cambrian Ventures and worked as a GM at Amazon.com.

“RevolutionHealth.com is pioneering a new and better way to bring more health choices closer to consumers,” stated Kosmix co-founder, Anand Rajaraman. “The combination of Kosmix and RevolutionHealth.com is a first step in changing the health care industry as we know it today, transforming it into an entity that will make a profound difference in our lives and the way we manage our health.”

RevolutionHealth integrates content and Web 2.0 tools such as social networking. The company also offers Premium Services that enable users to prepare for doctor visits. For example, when inputting symptoms that one may have, RevolutionHealth will suggest questions to ask one’s doctor. RevolutionHealth also has medical-related videos such as a description of Lasik surgery procedures.

“The search box on RevolutionHealth.com allows people to find the information that is most useful and relevant to them–wherever it might come from,” stated Matt Koll, a senior vice president of RevolutionHealth. “Whether it is information from the trusted medical sources assembled on our site, such as MayoClinic.com and Harvard Health, from people who have similar experiences to share or from the array of sources on the Internet, Kosmix provides impressive breadth of coverage with precise sorting of results.”

According to Harinarayan, the reason why Revolution Health partnered with Kosmix over others is because:
“RevolutionHealth was looking for a technology engine that could provide the best search results in depth and breadth to give their users the best heath content out there.  In Kosmix, they have a partner that can scale to all of the content on the Web and deliver the most relevant results for their users.  The reason we can do this is that we are the first engine to deliver all of our content results through algorithms with no human intervention at all  — the first ‘algo-produced content engine.’  This gives users all of the results they need â?? particularly in the long tail â?? and the best user experience for the Web, making the ability to search for any content that is health-related simple, intuitive and graphical.”

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[2] RevolutionHealth.com
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