Managing Director of Google South-East Asia Denies Phone Plans

Posted Mar 21, 2007

Earlier this month, Pulse 2.0 wrote an article about how Google would be making a phone and that Google Talk would be integrated into the software and the operating system.  However, I learned through a news article on Engadget that the rumors are not true… For now.

Paul Miller of Engadget writes, “Richard Kember, Google’s South-East Asia managing director of sales and operations, says that Google is obviously investing in the software side of things, but that it has not interest in entering the crowded handset market.”

The statement made by Kember contradicts a statement made by Isabel Aguilera, Google’s Spain and Portugal chief executive.  I’m sure that Google market analysts will determine whether this is a direction that they would like to pursue after reviewing the market response to Apple’s iPhone.