MapMyName Wants To Know How Many Internet Users Are There?

Posted Apr 19, 2007

MapMyName is a new idea conceived by Sérgio Veiga and João Ribeiro to figure out just how many people out there are actually on the Internet.  It is essentially a social network with an emphasis on the referral aspect.  Users are then marked based on their particular location on the Google map of the MapMyName homepage.

Confused?  Here’s João’s explanation:

To join the website, go to the Beta page and type in your location.  After that, you type in your first and last name, birth date, gender, profession, and your URL:

After you do that, then you are asked for an email address, a password, and to fill in a confirmation code.

This project seems to be a very ambitious project and I wish the two founders the best of luck since getting so many people to sign up will be tough.  The website will be up and fully running by April 22nd (Earth Day).